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Wujiang Jinsheng Aluminum

WuJiang Jinsheng Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd , established in 2009, located in  Suzhou, Jaingsu, China. Suzhou is a very beautiful place, Convenient transportation and plenty of aluminum raw material supply provide us advantages on Aluminum ladder producing condition.

We focus on manufacturing aluminum ladders, and gradually get good reputation among our customers in the market.

Apart from Aluminum ladders, we also possess TV mount and TV cart series produce line. with continuously technique skill, design innovation, workmanship improvement, we keep upgrade all our products.

Our products already exported to Countries like Canada, Australia, Denmark, Spanish and other Europe countries etc.

Why Choose Us?

Quality assured

Our product made obey industrial standard, and approved international Intertek Lab test. Each product we double check carefully before delivery.

Know customer better

We focus on product design and workmanship continuously improvement, we are pleased to listen to our customer's idea and feeling and reaction to products.

Fast delivery

We are located in Economic development zone, good supply chains provide us advantages on raw material and low transportation cost. and ensure our produce schedule.

TV mount delivery
Win-win cooperation

We aim at long term of business relationship with our customers. Customized product design, special package are available here.

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